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18995New Bike Headlight

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  • sail4free
    Oct 17, 2008
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      My last bike headlight fell off while my bike was in a carrier -- going down the road about 55 MPH . . . glancing at the rearview mirror, I saw it explode into little pieces . . . I didn't even slow down. So I bought one of these today at my local bike shop for $30:


      I thought I'd miss the rechargeable feature that was on my old one, but in flashing mode (all I ever use anyway), it's rated for 120 hours. If I use it running to AND home from work, that's 5-1/2 to 6 months on four AA batteries . . . I think I can swing that.
      This sucker has FIVE LEDs and, man, is it BRIGHT! I don't need the light to see. I need it so *they* can see ME. My rather aggressive downtown riding style (I don't like to stop) has me riding sometimes -- in a bike lane -- but facing traffic. Some of them dog-lickers drive as if I'm not even there. I'll bet if I have TWO of these aimed at their eye level, they'll see me then! I run all my lights night AND day -- I want every advantage available to me. Running at night without lights seems a LOT more hazardous than some of the stunts I pull.
      The ends of my handlebars stick out 13" from the bike's centerline, so I'm thinking to protect my rearend, I need a bar which sticks out 18" to 24" on BOTH sides and then I'll get the biggest, baddest, brightest RED LEDs I can find and mount one towards each end of the bar.
      To be safe, I'll probably need to cut the bar in the middle and mount it on a bracket which will allow either side to pivot forward OR back withOUT pushing me off course (if somebody gets too close OR I clip something on the way past it). Shistuff happens. What would be REALLY cool is if (from my handlebar) I could release the tail arms to trail behind me for lane-splitting and then redeploy them to stick out again once there is enough room again. A cable on a brake lever could pull them BACK behind me, and then (when the lever is released) they could spring back to their extended position. We have some fairly creative guys here at work; I'll let 'em ponder that one for a while.

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