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  • Tom Frost Jr.
    Sep 6, 2008
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      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, "intjring" <intjring@...> wrote:

      > Geez, that's great, Tom - it means one of two things. Either:
      > (a) You knew before anyone else on earth that Obama would be the
      > nominee; or
      > (b) You voted in a primary for a candidate you don't intend to

      TF: Wrong on both counts.

      On (a), yes I'm a succussful time traveler; I've visited the 20th
      century twice (arriving once in the forward-in-time direction by
      being born into it like you, and once in the backwards-in-time
      direction by means of some twitching of the handlebars of my time-
      traveling iron steed), and these days I get tomorrow's paper today.
      However, neither one of those things constituted _that_ good of a
      cracking of the secret of time travel, because my extent of travel in
      both of the above examples was only one day. Traveling a _year_ -
      whether into the future to see who the nominee will be, or into the
      past to undo one's mistake of supporting him/her - is still only the
      stuff of science fiction.

      And on (b), I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. He was the only
      acceptable choice for non-Democrats, and if you'd read my posts as
      carefully as the rules of courteous cyberepistolary gunfighting
      require, you would have seen that I did clarify that I'm a non-

      > Further, based on what you claim you made your decision on, you are
      > Republicans' dream voter; you don't care a whit about the issues.

      TF: Chicagoans insulting Susquehanna Countians as a bunch of bumpkins
      who cling to their guns, _is_ an issue, for Bumpkins and gun owners
      everywhere. A _big_ issue.

      An equally-significant issue, and a more on-topic issue, that made me
      start to dig Palin was that she boasted about killing the Bridge to
      Nowhere. Well on that one, it might turn out that she's a liar:
      According to a snippet that I just read an hour ago, she only began
      opposing it when her state's likely share of the cost increased.
      Hmmm; so I guess the issue of whether I'm an "ex"-Obama supporter
      might still be in flux (at least as long as Robert Matter keeps his
      trap shut).

      - TF
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