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  • intjring
    Sep 6, 2008
      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Frost Jr." <tomfrostjr@...> wrote:

      > "Clung to" Carter means that I voted for Carter, both times. In the
      > case of Obama, "clung to" means that yes, I'm an ex-supporter of him
      > and I planned for over a year to vote for him, until just the other
      > day when the reminding-me-of-Bob-Matter factor that I explained in my
      > earlier post came along.

      Geez, that's great, Tom - it means one of two things. Either:

      (a) You knew before anyone else on earth that Obama would be the
      nominee; or

      (b) You voted in a primary for a candidate you don't intend to support.

      Further, based on what you claim you made your decision on, you are the
      Republicans' dream voter; you don't care a whit about the issues.

      Thanks for clarifying.

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