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  • Tom Frost Jr.
    Sep 6, 2008
      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, "intjring" <intjring@...> wrote:

      > I'm not going to study years of archives because someone refuses to
      > write a lucid post. You still haven't answered my question about
      > you meant by saying you "clung" to Obama,

      TF: I "clung to" Carter too! There's nothing "non-lucid" about that,
      except to the most narrow-minded people. But since this list is full
      of them, here's the clarification of what "clung to" means:

      "Clung to" Carter means that I voted for Carter, both times. In the
      case of Obama, "clung to" means that yes, I'm an ex-supporter of him
      and I planned for over a year to vote for him, until just the other
      day when the reminding-me-of-Bob-Matter factor that I explained in my
      earlier post came along.

      > but don't bother. It
      > doesn't matter that much.

      TF: It obviously mattered plenty to you, because if it didn't you
      wouldn't have asked. Therefore, I ignored your rude request to not

      > Geez, I can't even ask a question about something that obviously
      > no sense

      TF: My point exactly: Only to the most narrow-minded people does
      it "obviously make no sense"; see above.

      - TF
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