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  • intjring
    Sep 6, 2008
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      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, Tom Frost Jr <tomfrostjr@...> wrote:

      > > but may I
      > > ask what on
      > > earth you mean about you clung to Obama? You're
      > > obviously not a
      > > Democrat. LOL
      > TF: Again, become more informed about your opponents before setting
      fire to a list. The archives from early 2003 will reveal that I, like
      Obama, opposed the Iraq war from the start. What in green hell does
      party affiliation have to do with that?

      I'm not going to study years of archives because someone refuses to
      write a lucid post. You still haven't answered my question about what
      you meant by saying you "clung" to Obama, but don't bother. It
      doesn't matter that much.

      Geez, I can't even ask a question about something that obviously made
      no sense without being accused of setting a fire. My post didn't set
      any fire - it was going before I asked it. You're pretty arrogant,
      aren't you?

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