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18844Re: [CF] folding bike recommendations?

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jul 3, 2008
      > The other BF models are more-or-less "portable" bikes
      > meant for transporting in airplanes in suitcases and long
      > disassembly and assembly sessions at airports.

      =v= Bike Fridays are designed for carfree everyday use:


      Most models feature a "quick fold" to aid with intermodal
      journeys (bikes+transit). Unlike other folding bikes, it is
      integrated with a trailer system, which enhances carfreedom.
      Even the suitcase you mention converts into a trailer! They
      are built by a company that was named Green Gear Cycling a
      decade before it was trendy to hop onto the "green" bandwagon;
      and unlike most of that bandwagon, they actually mean it:


      =v= I have an Air Glide, their model which actually has the
      least-convenient quick fold, but it works just fine for my
      everyday use, including intermodal journeys. I don't know
      what you mean by "long disassembly and assembly sessions;"
      I can ride right up to an Amtrak station and have the bike
      inside the suitcase in 5 minutes. Reassembly is even faster.

      =v= It's true that a lot of Green Gear's customers are into bike
      touring, but a touring bike is also a good commuter and everyday
      bike. Green Gear has made a few bikes aimed at the lower-cost
      commuter market (the Metro in paricular), but the market wasn't
      there for them. It may be there for them now, though.

      =v= I do want to give Dahon their due. Mr. Hon gave up his job
      in high tech and created this bike in response to the oil crisis
      of the 1970s. It's made offshore but I'm told they keep to some
      ecological standards, but even so those standards are lower (and
      they're shipped overseas). I continue to wish the best for them
      and they're doing well.
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