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18843Re: [CF] folding bike recommendations?

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jul 3, 2008
      =v= The Bike Friday is my top favorite for many reasons.
      The inventors are also responsible for some top trailer designs
      (i.e. the Burley) and the bike is integrated with a trailer,
      which is important for carfreedom. The bikes are made of
      steel, so they last and can haul things. They are made in
      the U.S. with least-toxic manufacturing methods.

      =v= The main drawback of quality American-built bikes is the
      price, but they actually aren't substantially more expensive
      than nonfolding bikes of the same quality. Some economic
      considerations, though: (1) Bike Fridays ride so well that
      you generally don't need a second bike, (2) because they hold
      up so well (see "made of steel" above) you can get a used one
      and still reap the benefits of Bike Friday's service, and (3)
      they are, of course, a much better deal than a car!

      =v= I am also fond of the Swift Folder for many of the same
      reasons, but most of their business has shifted to an low-cost
      aluminum model built by Xootr. (It is still possible to get
      a steel one, but they're hard to come by.)

      =v= Dahons are the best sellers because they're the cheapest.
      They have improved greatly over the years, but quality varies;
      I have had friends who've lucked out with a good bike, but my
      own experience hasn't been good. Still, this is the folding
      bike brand that most people go with.

      =v= An impressive relative newcomer is the fully-suspended
      DownTube. These are low-cost, and the suspension makes up
      for any deficit in the frame (including an aluminum frame).
      Definitely worth checking out!
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