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  • Mari Lea
    Apr 9, 2008
      According to most people that do not live in my neighborhood, I am risking my life just living there. Granted I have had to call the cops more times in two years than I did in my entire life (mainly due to loud music and drunks), but it's a lot safer than most people would like to guess.
      As someone stated before, when you are visible in the neighborhood, by walking and so forth, people begin to accept you. And even the "dangerous" people will ignore you.
      You still have to be careful. I do not like being out, riding the bus after dark, but I have done it. Carrying a flashlight and my box cutter in my hands, nothing has ever happened.
      I just stay away from the parts of town that the crime seems to be focused in, when I can. My dentist is close to an area that is getting hit hard by gangs, So I make sure to go there in day light and walk a block down the hill so I am closer to the "college crowd".
      That is one thing I have had to get used to living in a larger city. It still amazes me that one block will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end and the next block, is the complete opposite. Something you really don't notice until you are out of a car.

      You put the EMO in VoledEMOrt

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      > Well, I guess it's a good thing I don't live in "a tiny homogenous
      > remote frozen fishing village in the Maritimes." You're describing
      > places like Main-a-Dieu or Broughton; I live in Sydney.

      Well, recognize that the guy is American. Americans have an amazingly
      excessive sense of personal danger. They may live in cities safer than
      most of their peers elsewhere in the world by far, but they are
      convinced that danger lurks around every corner. I always noted this
      before visiting overseas and having professors remark on how their
      American colleagues would always lead off by demanding to know where
      in the city was safe. 'Safe? Well, it's all safe. *thinks a few
      minutes* I don't know, I suppose just don't do anything ridiculous to
      the drug dealers in suchandsuch neighborhood, and don't forget to lock
      your door in eastern overthere." This is, by the way, a major reason
      why Americans are dying of obesity and car wrecks; they'd rather hide
      in a car than risk the mindblowingly remote risk of crime.

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