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18451Re: [CF] Carfree for three years.

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  • John A. Ardelli
    Jan 29 3:07 PM
      On Sep 1, 2007, at 12:08 AM, Sam Wilson wrote:

      > I'm just wondering whether anyone else on this list has decided to go
      > COMPLETELY carfree?

      Well, I don't, nor have I EVER, owned a car. ;)

      > It makes for some interesting conversations, mainly, and a little bit
      > of awkwardness around friends who offer me lifts sometimes . . .

      I used to get offers for lifts occasionally during severe weather,
      particularly from my mother. After I rode to work in a few blizzards,
      however, they finally got the hint that I can handle myself in severe
      weather. ;)

      I'll admit, though, that I have occasionally accepted rides if my bike
      is somehow rendered out of commission. This is fairly rare, though, as
      I always have good quality, reliable bikes. The last time I needed
      ride was my own stupid fault for not bringing a spare tube or patch kit
      and I found my front tire flat when I went to leave... :/

      Actually, in that situation, I only accept a ride if I don't have the
      time to spare to walk. Another time that happened (I was going though
      some depression and wasn't thinking clearly this summer; I forgot my
      patch kit and tubes more than usual this season :() when I had plenty
      of time, I just popped the front wheel off, carried it home, fixed it,
      carried it back in the next morning, popped it back onto the bike and
      rode away at the end of the day. ;)

      > I've just got a new job, in a rather conservative IT company, and I
      > know they're going to ask me to go in a car one of these days, and I
      > just don't know how to broach the subject!

      Just say "thanks, but not thanks; I can get there."

      > I just get the impression that they'll think me utterly weird, and
      > make things difficult.

      Weird is good; it distinguishes you from others. If they make things
      difficult, well they're not very good friends, then; just stand firm.

      John A. Ardelli
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