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18389Re: [CF] Re: Introduction: Kate

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  • David Hansen
    Dec 4, 2007
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      On 3 Dec 2007 at 23:47, Kathryn wrote:

      > Thank you for all your great responses to my question about nighttime
      > biking. I did my first ride tonight, and I didn't feel nervous one bit. In
      > fact, riding later at night was easier (and felt safer) because of the light
      > traffic. Other than a little side stitch (I haven't been nearly active
      > enough in the past few months!), I would say it was easy as could be. In
      > fact, it was exhilarating and relaxing--

      The air tends to be colder at night in many parts of the world and so
      it is refreshing.

      I hope you have told the worriers how much you enjoyed it:-)

      David Hansen, Edinburgh
      I will *always* explain revoked encryption keys, unless RIP prevents
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