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  • kjhashim
    Dec 2, 2007
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      Welcome, Kate, and I'm also glad you're starting up some discussion.
      Please feel free to ask more questions, too. :-) Yes, reflective
      clothes, as well as head and tail lights for your bike should do it
      for the most part. Also don't carry valuables, and minimize the
      amount of cash you carry on hand. Act confident, be aware of your
      surroundings, look passers by in the eye for a second with
      confidence. Know your route well, and get to know alternative routes
      in case you need to make a detour. Don't dress nicely enough that
      people think you are well-off. I know what you mean about
      overprotective people around you though. I think people are often
      too paranoid these days. I jog around after dark all the time and
      have been doing so since I was a college student, and I am also a
      female with a small build. I tried biking for about 6 months last
      year but found it to be too much of a struggle, so I stick with
      jogging and the very limited public transportation around here. I
      have mostly worked in good areas but often lived in shady but not
      extremely dangerous neighborhoods. Actually right now I live in a
      shady neighborhood, but I am near a major street and try to stay near
      the busier, well-lit streets.
      KJ in Buffalo, NY

      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, Kathryn <kathrynepope@...> wrote:
      > David, thank you for your response -- and your encouragement to
      bring up a
      > question. Here's something that's been on my mind:
      > As I get into the idea of biking at night (around 11pm on some
      nights, when
      > I work late), my friends and family have suddenly gotten protective
      of me.
      > While I am in an urban environment, I don't live and work in
      > dangerous neighborhoods -- and my argument is that, on a bike, I
      can move
      > fast (am always moving) and am therefore not much of a target, as
      long as I
      > ride safely with reflective clothes and a bike light. This doesn't
      seem to
      > be much comfort to them. However, I'm committed to trying out a car-
      > life for a 6-month trial, starting this week. Is there anything I
      can do or
      > say to ease the minds of those around me? Am I being naive to think
      that, as
      > a young-(ish) woman, I can be out at night without inviting danger?
      > I'm planning to make my first night trip Monday night -- and am
      > about any tips you might have!
      > Thanks in advance--
      > Kate.
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