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18169Re: Carfree for three years.

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  • sueb1997
    Sep 3, 2007
      I just finished reading a book that I think would be of interest to
      you and perhaps to many on CarFree.

      It's called Planetwalker, by John Francis.

      Francis was a young man in the San Francisco area in the early 70s
      when he saw the effect to the Bay of an oil spill. He decided to
      stop riding in motor vehicles as a response, as an expression of his
      awareness that all who use motor vehicles have some responsibility
      for the environmental effects of such spills.

      After a few years of walking instead of driving/passengering, he got
      so tired of having to explain to people why he did what he did, he
      also decided to stop talking. He ended up not talking for seventeen
      years and not riding in motor vehicles for more than 20 years!

      Some parts of his story are rather fantastic, and I know a fellow
      who knew Francis personally who thinks he's a bit off the deep end,
      but regardless, I found his story to be inspiring.

      To relate this directly to your situation, he indicates a surprising
      amount of acceptance by others as he proceeds with his decisions.
      He makes presentations to schools (using sign language or miming,
      and sometimes having a friend "translate" his miming), he even
      finishes college and proceeds on to both a Master's Degree and then
      later a Ph.D., all while not talking and not travelling in motor
      vehicles. The amount of acceptance he describes finding is rather
      inspiring, to me.

      Anyway, you (and others) might find it an enjoyable read.

      Western Great Basin

      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, "Sam Wilson" <sam@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I'm new to this group, so hullo!
      > I'm just wondering whether anyone else on this list has decided to
      > COMPLETELY carfree? I did so, three years ago -- I haven't stepped
      > foot in a car since. It makes for some interesting conversations,
      > mainly, and a little bit of awkwardness around friends who offer me
      > lifts sometimes (I ride or walk or catch buses, and never have any
      > trouble getting anywhere). It 'limits' what I can do and where I
      > go, or so I'm told: I find I can do everything that I want.
      > The biggest issue I am facing is this: I've just got a new job, in
      > rather conservative IT company, and I know they're going to ask me
      > go in a car one of these days, and I just don't know how to broach
      > subject! I just get the impression that they'll think me utterly
      > weird, and make things difficult. Has anyone had any experience
      > this sort of thing?
      > Thanks! And hurrah to no-cars! :-)
      > -- Sam.
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