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18168Re: [CF] Carfree for three years.

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  • Sahar
    Sep 3, 2007
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      I was thinking what you wrote about beauty. My daughtetr is in hospital so I've had to go into the town centre every day (by bus). Not having been into the polluted heart of Bristol for a while I noticed how dirty it was. And most of dirt was up buildings from car exhausts. Even the new shopping centre being built (in cream, duh) was already filthy.


      Sam Wilson <sam@...> wrote:

      Did anyone here hear about the Chaps (as in, from the Chap Olympics, I
      think) who went, be-tweeded, to the Tate Modern, and stomped around
      chanting "Truth is Beauty! Beauty is Truth!" as a protest against Modern
      Art? Well, I am coming to think that what I like most about the carfree
      movement is the fact that it is all about (or, lots about, anyway)
      re-introducing beauty into the everyday. Roads are ugly; parks are nice.
      Do away with cars, and everyone can be a short walk from where they're
      going at all times; I'd far rather stroll through greenery and growing
      food to get to work, than sit on the freeway trying like buggery to lose
      myself in a novel!

      "Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise."
      Luke 3:11

      For ideas on reducing your carbon footprint visit Yahoo! For Good this month.

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