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18164Re: [CF] Carfree for three years.

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  • Sahar
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Great on being totally car free. I don't own one but use taxi's sometimes cos the buses aren't wheelchair accessible for my daughter (3 with cerebral palsy). Oh, and we have to use hospital transport to get to the hospital and back.
      As for your company, tell them you have terrible travel sickness and vomit profusely everytime you step into a car.


      Sam Wilson <sam@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      I'm new to this group, so hullo!

      I'm just wondering whether anyone else on this list has decided to go
      COMPLETELY carfree? I did so, three years ago -- I haven't stepped
      foot in a car since. It makes for some interesting conversations,
      mainly, and a little bit of awkwardness around friends who offer me
      lifts sometimes (I ride or walk or catch buses, and never have any
      trouble getting anywhere). It 'limits' what I can do and where I can
      go, or so I'm told: I find I can do everything that I want.

      The biggest issue I am facing is this: I've just got a new job, in a
      rather conservative IT company, and I know they're going to ask me to
      go in a car one of these days, and I just don't know how to broach the
      subject! I just get the impression that they'll think me utterly
      weird, and make things difficult. Has anyone had any experience with
      this sort of thing?

      Thanks! And hurrah to no-cars! :-)

      -- Sam.

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