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  • Sam Wilson
    Aug 31, 2007
      Sorry I didn't get this in before by post earlier today; I didn't notice it.

      > 1. Which of the following best describes you? Please check one.
      > __ I am car-free and have never owned a car
      > 2. How long have you been either car-free or used non-automotive
      > transport as your principle means of transportation?
      Three years.

      > 3. What inspired your decision to reduce or end your reliance on the
      > automobile?
      They're UGLY, and make ugly cities. And building a sense of Place. And
      environmental stuff too (ooh, like my exactitude?!). Sometimes I blog
      about this at http://samwilson.id.au/

      > 4. What factors have either impeded or inspired your decision to reduce
      > your reliance on automotive transport?
      It's easier this way.

      > 5. Has your transportational choices had any discernible effect on your
      > family and friends?
      Nope. Friends sometimes get annoyed when I refuse lifts.

      > 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being car-free and/or
      > getting around without using a car?
      Advantages: I take more notice of where I am, how fast I'm going; I'm more
      likely to stop and sit in a place that would otherwise just zip past
      Disadvantages: ummm... none.

      > 7. Do you typically feel comfortable recommending car-free living to your
      > friends and/or relatives? Why or why not?
      Yes, but I don't like to come across as too evangelical or something. So
      I tend not to talk about it too much.

      > 8. Have you experienced any adverse consequences of reducing or
      > eliminating your automotive dependency with regard to time and finances?
      I've never lived with a car as being any major part of my life, so nothing
      much has changed now. :-)

      > 9. Have there been any benefits?
      Well, I do feel ALIVE... ;-) That's to do with living my beliefs I think.

      > 10. In an ideal world, what role should the car play in the general
      > transportation system?
      Emergency (fire/ambulance/etc.) only.

      > 11. Do you have any other personal or general thoughts you've care to
      > share on this topic?

      > 12. Where do you live (city, state, country)?
      Canberra, Australia.

      -- Sam.
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