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  • temeluch
    Feb 1, 2007
      Too Much Gas is Killing Us All.
      How much longer until we fall.

      1. Gas Rationing is one of the most severely overlooked solutions in
      this world that we could very easily use to Save the Earth now.

      Spread this message all around the web.

      Each licensed driver gets to buy no more than 365 Gallons of
      Gasoline per year, for starters, except for special provisions for
      truckers, busses and taxi cabs and such. Then we will know how much
      we really do use. And it could eventually be very much less.

      Those Rations can be traded so that the people who do not drive at
      all will get to sell those Ration Units which will probably sell for
      another $3.00 per gallon above and beyond the price of the gas
      itself. In that way people will be rewarded for saving gas.

      That will cut way down on all this pointless driving, like all these
      low riders cruisin' down the boulevard out of boredom and in search
      of trouble. This will cut way down on pointless trips all the way to
      town just to get a fast meal or a six pack.

      This will also encourage people to carpool and to seriously consider
      whether they really can afford the bad habit of driving around in a
      hummer limousine anymore since that could become a serious hassle.

      2. No one drives under the age of 21. They are not ready for that
      anyway. This will cut way down on pointless driving and fatal
      accidents will begin to mysteriously disappear.

      3. Old folks could be asked not to drive at all once they are too
      old or can no longer measure up to stringent hand eye coordination

      4. While we are at it we could lower the minimum wage all the way
      down to zero which is a very reasonable place to start off in any
      field. It could even go below zero for those who want to work for me.

      5. Remove the child labor limitations so that children can help
      their folks out in the corner deli after school for 2 or 3 dollars
      in cash which is all they are worth and with no withholding of money
      until they are over 21 to simplify the paperwork which would
      otherwise make it too much trouble.

      This will support people living in sustainable communities like
      http://edenvillage.net - which is good for the Earth. - T

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