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17689Re: air-free travel

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  • willtell9z
    Nov 1, 2006
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      When i first clicked this url (in the following snippet from CTC
      newsnet) it worked and showed views of this fabulous vehicle. Latterly
      I havent been able to make the connect. Try it, you'll like the
      contraption if you can see it:-

      Bikes, Balloons and Bottoms

      The small but select group of UK hot air ballooners that now fly with
      mountain bikes strapped to their baskets are not super-competitive
      riders competing to see how much 'air' they can get over jumps, but
      simply doing without the need to have a vehicle follow the flight -
      when the balloon lands, the pilot uses the bike to pick up a car and
      trailer. American Bill Watson took the idea one step further when he
      designed and flew his beautiful pedal-powered airship

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