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17035"Life Beyond Cars"

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  • jdsingleton
    Jun 11, 2006
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      A while back, on Wed, 31 May 2006 11:03:36 +0100, "David Hansen"
      <davidh@...> wrote:

      >In the UK there was once a little book called "Life beyond cars" which
      >collected the stories of a few car free/car lite people. Copies may be
      >available somewhere. The stories were shorter, but interesting.

      There have been at least two editions of "Life Beyond Cars." I have a
      copy of the second edition. There's no date in it, but I'd guess it's
      five to ten years old, if not older.

      Checking via Google, if you're in the UK, copies appear to be
      available from Spokeshop (http://www.spokes.org.uk/oldsite/pubs.htm),
      for £1.95. Outside the UK, Alibris (www.alibris.com) has a few copies
      at a bit over $9.

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