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15871Re: Why I wear spandex

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  • richardmasoner
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Rachel Alger wrote:
      > I have
      > found that looking like a woman gets me harassed less often than
      > when I tuck
      > my hair in a loose jacket and wear "male"-looking pants.

      I was talking a couple of months ago about making a left turn across a
      busy street. One of my cycling friends in town (an LCI) told me I
      should wear Terry women's cycling skorts and otherwise try to look
      female on the bike. Lauren says when she looks feminine, motorists are
      much more accomodating. Yet another reason for men to shave our legs.
      I'm slightly built so I could probably get away with it.

      Lauren (not Lauren Cooper in this group) is a serious atheletic road
      cyclist, but I've also seen her putter around town wearing long skirts.

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