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  • Sorcha
    Feb 1, 2006
      > jeff covey
      > i guess you make four so far. :) maybe a genetic predisposition toward
      > great books and auto-antipathy?

      Make that five. I'm Sarah Keepers (nick name Sorcha). I went to the
      Santa Fe campus of St. John's college from 85 to 87 for Frosh and Soph
      years. Had some fun times riding up the hill to campus. Maybe there
      is something to reading all that Greek stuff about creating the
      just state, civic responsibility and The Good. Maybe we can blame
      reading Kant and the categorical imperitive. When you think about it
      the catergorical imperitive (i.e. the Golden Rule in philosophy
      speak)is pretty similar to the eco statement that we need to analyze
      technology by asking the question 'what if everyone did this'?

      On the other hand, we know that Johnnies are just plain Nutz. ;)
      ...and you have to be a little unusual to ride to the grocery store in
      February in Minnesota, too.

      *Lifts frosty mug of chocolate soy milk to fellow Johnnies*

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