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15485Re: [CF] a car in every garage

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  • Dorothy Camer
    Dec 7, 2005
      It's a dream that more space would mean better organization. We have
      almost unlimited space on harddrives and email storage but are we
      more organized. More space and more things means more work for
      someone. Even if one is wealthy enough to be able to hire help, it
      still means more organization to instruct the help.
      We have cars because right now it is the most efficient way to get
      around that we know of. But well-organized ride sharing would be
      more efficient. Capitalists have mis-interpreted Adams Smith.
      Smith is right that land, labor, and profit comprise production.
      Land which includes rent, transportation, those things which don't
      actually go into the product, is limited. Profit is the incentive to
      drive us to produce. Labor depends on skill, talent, technology.
      Smith observed that labor can be increased through organization, thus
      division of labor where each task is done by differenct groups could
      produce faster than than if each group does everything. Assemby
      lines are a result of that. Computers also organize to permit each
      individual to produce more.
      Through organization of transportation, we can increase the
      productivity of our roads and vehicles. Read my book online at
      Our current auto-dependency impedes mobility because it introduces
      friction. Each vehicle inhibits the other vehicles. Think about. it.
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