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15470Re: [CF] a car in every garage

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    Dec 5, 2005
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      David Hansen <davidh@...> wrote: On 5 Dec 2005 at 8:31, SHYRLEY WILLIAMS wrote:

      > In Janruary we move to a house we've just bought. No
      > garage. No rear access (its terraced), tiny garden.
      > Once again the bikes will have to be wheeled through
      > the house every day, bike gear will have to go
      > smewhere.

      Such houses tend to have ground floor rooms that make a good garage.
      Either the front room or the rear room if this has not been made into
      one room. The kitchen and rear room can make a living area, with the
      front room as a garage.

      >>>>>>>>Normally yes, but we'll turn the living room into a bedroom for the spastic one and the rest of us will live, homeschool, eat and watch TV in the dining room.
      Looking into ceilinng hoist thingies for the bikes.

      > its also environmentally friendly. It'll take
      > less heating, especially as its terraced.

      Cavity wall and loft insulation make a worthwhile difference to heating
      bills in old houses. There is often a grant for the work.

      >>>>>Yeah, we're getting a Warm Front Grant because of the disabled one. She does come in handy :-)

      David Hansen, Edinburgh
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