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15464Re: [CF] a car in every garage

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    Dec 5, 2005
      --- ensignaurora <tappants@...> wrote:

      > But the stuffed animal collection exists for a
      > number of reasons. A
      > reminder of the nice things, that there are worst
      > things to be
      > addicted than buying them, and something that I will
      > leave the world
      > when I depart (they are willed to go to the children
      > of a children's
      > hospital).
      > Sigh.
      > The best thing about all of it? I tend to know where
      > everything is
      > ........ within 512 sq feet.
      > -Traci

      Why dont you take the toys to the kids now? Let them
      be used as they should be? It'll feel good ya know.


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