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15457Re: [CF] a car in every garage

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  • ensignaurora
    Dec 4, 2005
      The other day, as I rushed off on another task, I reflected how nice
      it would be to have a home where there was sufficient room for proper
      storage, for a staging area.

      Such as having a two car garage. Of course, half it would go for
      Uncia, but the other half would be my staging area, where I could
      assemble, disassemble the articles for this or that trip (hopefully,
      since this is all a dream, from nearby proper storage closets).

      BUT .......... dream and wouldn't that be nice and just the issue of
      money aside, is that right? Is that proper? I mean, it does serve one
      purpose. Right now I think the reason why I use the car so much is
      because I am so much in a rush, am so disorganized from going from
      trip to another without time to regroup, to put things back where they
      are accessible, for proper packing such as in a back pack. Ie, for
      instance, tonight I couldn't find my more streamline aluminum thermos
      that fits nicely in my pack.

      Now, granted, it is a moot point since the decision was already made
      to drive ......... but that decision was made on the rush issue.

      But is it right? Is it right that I seek out more room just so I can
      ride my bike? Looking at it from another standpoint, I'm one single
      person. Is right for me to have a home with a two car garage? Doesn't
      that seem a little bit wasteful?

      (We spend billions and billions of dollars to put one aircraft in the
      air.---80's POV of a carrier and its escorts just so we can have air
      suppority at sea, (w,stte))
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