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15453Re: [CF] a car in every garage

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  • Cody B.
    Dec 1, 2005
      On 12/1/05, Fitzsimmons, Diane <dcfitzsimmons@...> wrote:
      > This author writes:
      > "The idea that driving a car is a lifestyle decision has long since
      > become outmoded. Americans do love to drive, but these days, they also
      > must drive. To be a fully functioning citizen in this country today, a
      > car is a virtual necessity, and any American willing to work ought to be
      > able to afford one. We use the tax code to subsidize most other work
      > expenses. It's time we did the same for the most common and unavoidable
      > of them all."

      News flash to the author of that article: even if you *could* afford
      a car, that doesn't mean you'll necessarily have the skills to *drive*
      one. Aside from the whole issue of, oh, I don't know, driving lessons
      (if the state-funded driver ed program my parents made me go to in
      high school was any indication, they don't teach much at all), there's
      the whole issue of conditions such as epilepsy that might preclude one
      from driving safely. I guess those with such disabilities will still
      have to depend on the (usually non-existent) kindness of other

      Argh. I'm not even a hard-line car-free advocate, and this sickens
      me. As if the drivers out there weren't scary *enough*...

      Cody B. / "codeman38"
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