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1508[CarFree] Re: Side Lights.

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  • Mark Watson
    Nov 1, 2000
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      >So now I have to find some kind of light for the side of bike. any >ideas ?

      I second the post about good old-fashioned wheel reflectors. While shunned
      by purists, I think they do a good job at side visability.

      I like the reflective vinyl stickers idea too. But a lot of your frame is
      obscured by your legs, panniers, etc.

      However, unless you are riding a faired recumbent, your body has much more
      surface area than your bike. Try making it more visible. Although some
      have argued that if you are recognized as human, you are more of a target, I
      disagree. Maybe it depends on where you are. I like my illumiNITE(fabric)
      jacket and vest a lot. Several different brands use illuniNITE to make
      jackets, vests, gloves, shorts and tights, etc. Fleece stuff too.
      Performance, Castelli, nashbar & others.


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