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14048Homeschool and carfree?

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  • richardmasoner
    Aug 2, 2005
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      --- "Fitzsimmons, Diane" wrote:

      > I have often thought it would have been much easier
      > to raise my children to be car-free (among other
      > personal values I prize) if I had homeschooled them.

      My children have been homeschooled over the past three years. In
      active homeschooling groups you have a zillion "enrichment" activities
      -- these might be field trips, special classes, group picnics,
      children play activities, and so forth. The homeschoolers are taken to
      these activities in a hundred separate minivans. In our local co-op of
      about 300 homeschooling families, my family is the *only* one I've
      seen that has ever used bikes to get to an activity.

      Daytime child-free activities that public-school parents might take
      for granted -- running to the store, doing errands, going to school or
      work, etc -- become a little more complicated. Instead of just hopping
      on the bike or the bus, you now must get the kids on their bikes
      and/or trailers if your children are too young to be left unsupervised.

      --- SHYRLEY WILLIAMS wrote:

      > I reckon I'm a bit evangelical about freeing children
      > from day-prisons!!
      > Maybe liberated kids will think outside the box when
      > it comes to transport too :-)

      My observations are similar to Shyrley's, incidentally, regarding the
      opportunities to expand rather than restrict the imagination in the
      homeschooling environment. My children aren't restricted to playing
      with kids in their own age or class and they interact well with
      children and adults of all ages.

      I've met some real dodo's, too, among homeschooling families --
      teenagers who can't read or have any basic critical thinking skills.
      I'm personally of two-minds about homeschooling and my older child is
      entering public school this fall.

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