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14036RE: [CF] OT: religious fundamentalists

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    Aug 1, 2005
      --- "Fitzsimmons, Diane" <dcfitzsimmons@...> wrote:

      > I have often thought it would have been much easier
      > to raise my children
      > to be car-free (among other personal values I prize)
      > if I had
      > homeschooled them. I still have three at home --
      > 16, 9 and 6 -- and, if
      > finances allowed, would be interested in trying it
      > with my younger two.
      > But my husband is adamantly opposed to homeschooling
      > because he, like
      > many, sees homeschooling as a way of damping down
      > the imagination.
      > Diane Fitzsimmons
      > Norman, Okla., USA

      How weird. Most people I know home-educate so their
      children are free to use their imagination and learn
      in their own way rather than be restricted toa school
      curriculum which tells you what and when to learn.
      Want to learn about Romans? Too bad, you have to wait
      for 3rd Grade! Interested in biochemistry? You're too
      young. Wait till you're 15!
      My son wouldn't get to do the wizards apprenticeship
      electronics he's doing if he went to school. He'd have
      to learn English lit cos that was what the curriculum
      said. My daughter wouldn't be free to write stories
      when she felt like it, her imagination would be
      hammered into a timetable.
      My kids are free to learn when they want and where
      they want and what they want and definately think
      outside the box. They get to mix with all ages rather
      than being forced to only mix with 30 kids their own
      age and they get to live in the real world rather than
      an institution. They also make theor own decisions
      rather than being herded about like sheep to the sound
      of a bell. Dealing with nonsensical rules.
      I reckon I'm a bit evangelical about freeing children
      from day-prisons!!
      Maybe liberated kids will think outside the box when
      it comes to transport too :-)


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