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14035RE: [CF] OT: religious fundamentalists

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  • Fitzsimmons, Diane
    Aug 1, 2005
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      >>Subject: Re: [CF] OT: religious fundamentalists
      >>Obviously, there is a lot of diversity within the Christian
      >>community and a lot of religious diversity within the
      >>homeschooling community.
      >>I apologize if my characterizations of groups and sub-groups
      >>offended you in any way.

      No one's post offended me. I made the assumption that everyone used the
      term correctly -- especially as it was in the context of people
      homeschooling as a means of protecting children. I made my comments for
      those who may not be aware of the various "shades" of Christianity,
      especially American Christianity.

      Living in a university town, I have found homeschooling is usually done
      -- regardless of religious or political persuasion -- as a way to
      "protect" children from "harmful" influences -- whether one defines
      those influences as bad teaching, boring curriculum, controversial
      topics, drugs, Christians, non-Christians, etc. Interestingly enough,
      most homeschoolers I have known (admittedly I know few) were more likely
      to be parents from the "left," trying to avoid cultural influences
      typical in Oklahoma. Once again, that is probably because I live in a
      university town.

      I have often thought it would have been much easier to raise my children
      to be car-free (among other personal values I prize) if I had
      homeschooled them. I still have three at home -- 16, 9 and 6 -- and, if
      finances allowed, would be interested in trying it with my younger two.
      But my husband is adamantly opposed to homeschooling because he, like
      many, sees homeschooling as a way of damping down the imagination.

      Diane Fitzsimmons
      Norman, Okla., USA
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