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14034Re: [CF] OT: religious fundamentalists

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  • Terry Mehlman
    Aug 1, 2005
      On 8/1/05, Fitzsimmons, Diane <dcfitzsimmons@...> wrote:
      > "Since the 1940s, the term fundamentalist has come to denote a
      > particularly aggressive style related to the conviction that the
      > separation from cultural decadence and apostate (read liberal) churches
      > are telling marks of faithfulness to Christ."


      As an adherent of the Religious Society of Friends, I'm well aware of
      the differentiation to be made between Fundamentalism and
      Evangelicalism. Quakers are within the Evangelical tradition of the
      modern Protestant church, although - since the idea of continuing
      revelation is central to our testimonies - I think it would be hard to
      pin a fundamentalist label on us.

      I tried to be mindful and careful in my post to use the term
      fundamentalist in describing the homeschoolers in this area who
      primarily identify themselves as Christian. I used that term
      specifically because it is my understanding that these homeschoolers
      have withdrawn their kids from a mainstream school setting
      specifically to shield them from influences which are not in their
      particular religious tradition.

      Obviously, there is a lot of diversity within the Christian community
      and a lot of religious diversity within the homeschooling community.
      I apologize if my characterizations of groups and sub-groups offended
      you in any way.

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