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12474Re: [CF] I'm back!

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  • David Hansen
    Apr 1 1:51 AM
      On 1 Apr 2005 at 10:42, David Hansen wrote:

      > > Speaking of Edinburgh there's going to be a massive Critical Mass ride
      > > there July 1. Darn, wish I could be there for that.
      > I suppose I should start thinking about what to do when these unwelcome
      > and uninvited people invade the area.

      Oops. The unwelcome and uninvited people are, of course, those living
      in the lap of luxury at my expense in Gleagles Hotel. People who have
      been so "de-legitimised" that they hide away from the public behind
      massed ranks of police officers and seek to confine dissent to
      carefully stage managed areas.

      David Hansen, Edinburgh | PGP email preferred-key number F566DA0E
      I will *always* explain why I revoke a key, unless the UK
      government prevents me by using the RIP Act 2000.
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