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  • Robert J. Matter
    Apr 1, 2005
      David Hansen wrote:

      > Some pedestrians do the same thing on the cycle paths in Edinburgh, so
      > it is not unique behaviour.

      Speaking of Edinburgh there's going to be a massive Critical Mass ride
      there July 1. Darn, wish I could be there for that.

      Below is a complete calendar of events surrounding the G8 meetings.

      -Bob Matter
      Chicago Critical Mass



      10 – 16 Week-long vigil by Donald Dewar's statue in Glasgow to mark
      global week of action on trade.

      24 – 26 Oxfam live events held in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.


      24 March begins from Birmingham, the location of the 1998 G8 meeting, to


      10 – 11 Protesters are planning to gather at the meeting of G8 Finance
      ministers in London.

      16 – 17 More protesters are expected for the meeting of the G8 justice
      and interior ministers in Sheffield, home town of David Blunkett, the
      former home secretary.

      17 – 25 Bike rides set off from Brighton, London, Birmingham,
      Southampton, Ross-on-Wye, and a rickshaw cavalcade leaves from
      Westminster, with joint aim of arriving in Edinburgh for July 1, in time
      for Critical Mass (see below).

      22 "Community anarchy projects" around Gleneagles, Glasgow, and
      Edinburgh planned to start in run-up to summit, in preparation for
      demonstrations in Edinburgh on July 3.


      1 Critical Mass: thousands of cyclists expected to descend on Edinburgh
      in bid to reclaim streets from traffic by cycling round the city en masse.

      2 Make Poverty History: centrepiece of anti-poverty demonstrations will
      see tens of thousands of people gather in Edinburgh wearing white
      armbands – the campaign symbol – and forming giant human chain around
      city centre.

      3 Alternative summit in Edinburgh to highlight "failed" policies of the
      G8 and alternatives on offer. Speakers include prominent authors, human
      rights activists, and trade unionists from around world.

      4 Blockade of the Faslane nuclear submarine base by groups including
      Dissent! and Trident Ploughshares.

      5 Fire beacons to be lit on the Ochil hills, as hillwalkers converge on
      summit from Perth and Stirling.

      6 Blockade of G8 meeting at Gleneagles is planned by some anarchist
      groups, while others aim simply to demonstrate outside.

      7 More demonstrations outside summit, including attempt by People's
      Golfing Association to hold a competition at Gleneagles.

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