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1215"Dump the Pump:" Brits Who Are As Stupid As Americans

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  • Jym Dyer
    Aug 1, 2000
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      =v= Last year, motorists in the United States staged the
      stupidest protest ever: The Great American GAS-OUT. The idea
      was not to buy gasoline on a certain day. Just buy extra the
      day before, or the day after. Newsflash: it had no effect.

      =v= Today there's a UK version: "Dump the Pump." It's just as
      stupid and pointless as the US version.


      | Organisers do not expect motorists to buy less petrol --
      | drivers can fill up on any other day -- but they want empty
      | filling stations to send a powerful signal.
      | ...
      | Organisers have mounted a slick campaign complete with a
      | website at boycott-the-pumps.com. That links to another site
      | -- petrolbusters.com -- which allows consumers to compare
      | prices at service stations in their local area.
      | ...
      | But the environmental group Friends of the Earth called the
      | campaign a "cynical stunt by the most backward bits of the
      | road lobby, prodded by populist papers and opportunist Tory
      | politicians". Fuel tax was an essential tool to fight
      | environmental damage, it said, noting government figures
      | showing the cost of driving a car had not changed in real
      | terms in 25 years while train fares had risen by 53 percent
      | and bus fares by 87 percent.