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Re: [CapitolForestRecreation] Lost Valley Trail Condtions

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  • olywajim
    Thanks for the pic s and the report, Joan. I ll cant wait to check it out. I rode it late last year and that new section was still breaking in . 
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      Thanks for the pic's and the report, Joan. I'll cant wait to check it out. I rode it late last year and that new section was "still breaking in". 


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      Subject: [CapitolForestRecreation] Lost Valley Trail Condtions
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      Joy the dog and I hiked the old portion of the Lost Valley Trail yesterday out of Fall Creek. I wanted to see if it's ready for horseback riders. There were some fairly fresh hoof prints. This section of trail is about 3.5 to 4 miles out to where the new portion of the trail kicks in. Overall things are pretty dry, but there are some bad sections. See the Photos section of this group to see the
      areas that I am describing here - I setup an album titled Lost Valley Trail Conditions.

      First of all, starting out I was warned about condition because someone had strung a Danger flag on the sign post. I assume this was done by a horseback rider to warn people of the conditions ahead.

      You will see pictures of:

      - Significant sized critter holes in one spot
      - Horse prints on the downhill sides of fragile trail edges - these can cause trail deterioration and possible accident if the trail gives way. Horses need to be trained to travel down the middle of trails despite mud, water and/or rock. This is good training for them and good for the trail system.
      - One section of trail has downed trees next to the trail with deep holes underneath. The trail is narrow at this point, so it is probably the most dangerous spot on the trail. I put some wood debris across this area and in the holes to hopefully warn people off.
      - Another hazardous area is a very muddy spot where there is an old puncheon that has totally deteriorated, but has large nails sticking out of the left over puncheon. Someone has pounded the nails down, but they still pose a hazard.
      - Some sections are very sloped which is hard to tell in the pictures. The lower side of these sections tends to be muddy and should be avoided.

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