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Re: [CapitolForestRecreation] ORV Trail North Rim Report

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    Nice work!   www.capitolforest.com ________________________________ From: WOLFF, PHILIP (DNR) To:
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      Nice work!

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      Subject: [CapitolForestRecreation] ORV Trail North Rim Report

      Report from Steve T from the Tacoma trail cruisers :
      Our Work Party Saturday and Sunday 04/28 - 04/29, we started our trail clearing on the B-Line where the North Rim '1 crosses the B-Line heading North finishing up on the power lines on the B-Line on Sunday.  WE ran into a lot of maple vine and down alder down between Porter Creek and the ORV Park.  There is one section of trail that needs to be addressed just passed the North Rim #1 where it crosses over the West Fork Port Creek.  That is the bridge that the footings have given way.  Up the trail heading North approx 150 yards pass the creek, from there up approx 200 yards water is running down the middle of the trail. It is coming down off the hill side where there was a timber sale from a couple of years ago.  There is no culvert crossing at this point.  Maybe you can take a look at this at some point and we can come up with a solution to divert the water.
      Other than that all the trails in the capitol forest on the Motorized section should be clear and open for riders on May 1st.  The only section we did not ride was from the ORV Park up to the Old North Rim #1 trail.  Scott Neff from Cascade indicated there club had cleared the old North Rim #1 trail.
      FYI the Bridge Steve is referring to is part of our bridge grant proposal

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