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Missing Person In Capitol Forest

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    Missing person in Capitol Forest please read below. If you have any information contact the people below Paul Counts [mailto:countsp@co.thurston.wa.us]
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      Missing person in Capitol Forest please read below. If you have any information contact the people below  Paul Counts [mailto:countsp@...]   Jason Bodine Jason.Bodine@...

      Subject: POSSIBLE missing subject - dropped of E8000 area


      Hi all-TCSO evaluated a case for Lacey PD for SAR call-out.  Here is the story, with all the details below: A lady (Hazel) calls Lacey PD and says: "My husband (Scott) has spent weeks watching "Survivorman" and wanted to go into the wilderness and test himself."  He has no weapons, no rain gear, no tent, no tarps, no GPS, no cell phone, and not even sure if he had a knife.  He has been unemployed for more than a year, and eeks by.  Hazel got on the computer and made him a map of the E8000 and E9000 area.  He wanted to see the waterfalls (I'm guessing Mima Falls). She dropped him off at E8000 last Thursday morning, with the plan that he would walk to their home in Lacey by 1000 hrs Monday (4-22-13) on his own. She did not make him any map to get home on any roads (he does not drive, is DWLS 3).  They have lived in the Lacey area for 3 years, and has never been to Cap Forrest in the past. He has no wilderness or survival training (other than watching TV). No military experience, not a hunter or outdoors person.  Hazel had trouble describing what he might have with him, as he took two rucsacks, but kept packing and un-packing them to get them to a reasonable weight.  He did take a quantity of MRE's.  When Scott did not get home by Monday afternoon, she called in.  Hazel really believes that Scott would come back home if he could, as SHE has a doctor's appointment Wednesday, and he needs to take her there. Scott does not take any meds.  She describes him as "lazy".  He did disappear once about 5 years ago, and wound up on the east coast with family.  She has already been in contact with family, known friends, and email buddies.  No one has heard from him.  She has been instructed to contact Lacey PD if she does hear anything from him. DETAILS:Lacey Case # 13-2375.  Originally interviewed by Officer Mason in person, then later by me on the phone. Missing: GARROW, Scott James  DOB: 1966-01-18  5'-8"  200LBS  Blue Eyes Shaved head (gray hair if it grows out) no facial hair when lst seen.Last seen: Thursday approx 1000 hrs, E8000 road.  She was not specific - but let him off in a clearing....maybe the junction of roads 1/8 mile past the gate.Known to be wearing: Tan boots, camo pants, brown shirt. Could not describe any coat.  Is known to have a change of clothes, but no hi-tech clothing.Contact: Hazel Garrow.  Home phone: 360-539-7562.Actions taken so far: Hazel went back to the area when Scott was over-due.  She checked with the store and bar in Littlerock, with neg results.  I checked the E8000 gate (approx 0230 hrs 4-22-13) and found it open due to contract work in the area.  There was  too much past vehicle activity to locate any sign of Scott.  I verified the E9000 gate and Mima Falls trailhead gates were locked.  There was no activity in the Mima Falls trailhead. Also, Hazel was supposed to send me some pictures and info via email, and to date has not followed through............ Lt. Phillips from our office will be watching this case over the next few days, as will I (I work through Friday this week).  Officer Jon Mason can be reached on his cell 360-239-0756.  My cell (Lt. Paul Counts) 360-791-6464. Thanks!  Be safe.-P -------------------------------------------------------------Lt. Paul CountsField Operations Bureau,Patrol DivisionThurston County Sheriff's Office2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW.Olympia, Wa  98502(Voice) 360-754-2898countsp@...


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