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436Re: [CapitolForestRecreation] Truck keyed at Fall Creek parking lot

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  • Larry Leveen
    Oct 24, 2013
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      OK, well could they just use the parking lot as a turn-around to point back up the road and unload/load their horses from there?

      Larry Leveen

      On Oct 24, 2013, at 9:21 PM, "Craig and Jerre Redecker" <credecker@...> wrote:


      Some people/horses would be OK doing that. However, it's not really considered good horsemanship to leave a tied horse when you're not within quick reach should it spook or get loose (say if a dog ran at it, or a bike came out of the trailhead fast.)
      Also, most riders need to tie their horses to the trailer to untack and put away the saddle (which can be heavy) and all their gear. Plus, they need room to load the horses, so rigs can't line up too close.
      At McK, rigs pull in on the west edge, park on a 45 degree angle and can pull out from there to the exit at the northeast corner. (I think I have my directions right ... )

      But, that takes up the whole center of the lot, leaving access lanes on the outside edges.

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