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422Re: [CapitolForestRecreation] Fwd: [cfmtb] October DNR User Group Meeting minutes

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  • Jeff Cook
    Oct 2, 2013
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      The next DNR user group meeting date was changed to November 14th as result of a conflict with Thanksgiving and scheduled vacations. Hopefully that works for everybody.

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      User meeting moved up to the 14th from the 21st?

      On 10/1/13 at 7:16 PM -0700, Jim Graham wrote the following :


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      These are my DNR October user group meeting minutes. Lee and Erin, let us know if anything needs a tune up.  
      September 29, 2013
      DNR User Group Meeting
      1.      Margaret Mckinny Camp Ground has a new camp host that will be there until the end of November.
      2.      Jim McCathy, Law Enforcement Report:
      -Some problems occurred when injuries were called in the parties could not give an accurate description of their location.
      -No cedar bows harvest permits are issued for Capitol Forest. If you see this activity, please call 360 356-0536 and report this activity. Photos that include license plates are appreciated.
      -Hunting season is on- going so be safe and wear orange or be visible.
      3.     Grants
      -Phil discussed the FEMA reroute: Trail engineering is complete, Critical Area permit has been applied for with Thurston County.
      -5 bridges have been installed
      - Middle Waddell camp host structure will be built soon. Once the plans are updates to the new code, the building permit will be applied for and the structure should be completed by the end of the year. This site will have a limited water system, septic system and additional parking installed.
      -Middle Waddell Day Use area may get a new steel structure.  
      4.   Event Season
      Many events occurred in Capitol Forest this season.
      -Users need to get the release waivers to DNR 72 hours after the event. 
      -The horse folks thought their events went well this year.
      - The Washington ATV folks thought their events went well this year.
      - Discussed making the equestrian event a one day event.
      5.    Work Parties
      -     Need to communicate with DNR your scheduled activities
      -     FOCF was acknowledged as have well coordinated monthly work parties
      -     Phil asked what is a reasonable expectation for work parties for user groups, frequency and amounts of work?
      -     Mima Falls Trail was mentioned as in need of maintenance. That trail adopted by the Capitol Riders. Nick asked the Capitol Riders how and when they plan on addressing this issue. It was mentioned that horse folks are having a hard time getting volunteers.
      -     The lost valley loop has several washed out culverts that will take a permit, a track hoe and 3 to 4 weeks to fix.
      -     The Wedekind trail has a perennial mud pit just above the two new bridges. Eric with DNR will lead a cedar creek work crew up to fix next week.
      -     In summary, work with DNR on work parties and members need to participate in work parties.
      Equestrian Day
      -          Some bikes rode the trail but were very respectful.
      -          Next year it may be just one day.
      DNR Activities
      -          DNR has roughed in the trail to 4 corners near porter campground. The trail needs hardening and tuning. 
      -          Rock Candy trail has been graveled
      -          Removed Waddell creek north- rim trail bridge that was undermined.
      -          Installed gravel over culvert near Swan creek
      -          Mima Falls trail and Little Larch Mt trail will be sprayed soon.
      The next group meeting will be November 14th.

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