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297Ordering the new Capitol Forest Map

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    Apr 3 10:17 AM
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      Attached is a link to the ordering page to purchase or download the new Capitol Forest maps. The downloaded maps are free and can be downloaded by following the link below. The printed maps are variably priced based on quantity and can also be ordered through a link provided on the same page on the link provided.


      Here is the breakdown for prices but this does not include S/H:

      $9.00                     1-9 maps

      $5.56                     10-24 maps

      $4.64                     25-49 maps

      $4.00                     50 or more maps



      Thank you again to everyone that participated in, and helped in getting this map completed. We believe it is a great product and hope everyone will put it to good use.



      Nick Cronquist
      Nick Cronquist

      Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator
      Pacific Cascade Region
      Cell: 360-480-2700