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Re: Children of John Cantrell b 1724

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    Rosemary, I have John, the Miller Cantrell b 1724 with the same middle name Miller as with the John born 1757. I m with you, I don t think either of their
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      I have John, the Miller Cantrell b 1724 with the same middle name Miller as with the John born 1757. I'm with you, I don't think either of their middle names was actually Miller and have seen several other genealogists opinion discussing this who agree. Having said that....sons learned their trades from their fathers, so I find it credible to believe that both father and son were Millers by trade.

      Rick Flood
      Westphalia, Kansas

      --- In CantrellFamilyGenealogy@yahoogroups.com, rosican@... wrote:
      > Follow up to previous review of the file posted. This refers to the children of John Cantrell, born 1724.
      > First wife Miss Britain:
      > The first three (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) are pretty much the same as I have, but I have no documentation on any of that information.
      > Child #4 - Joseph - You have born about 1748 - I have Jun 1748; you have death after 1810 - I have 1804. No documentation.
      > Here is where we have a little more difference. You list child #5 as Stephen born 1749. I have Stephen on my list of children, but born 1756, or possibly 28 Jun 1758. No documentation for that either. Rest of info about the same. I don't have a spouse for him. There is a Stephen Cantrell in the 1800 census for Pendleton District, South Carolina, but I am not sure this is the same Stephen Cantrell. The same sheet of the census also lists Joseph Cantrell and James Cantrell, which were the names of two of his brothers.
      > Child #6 - Charles - You have born after 1749 - I have 1750. No documentation.
      > Child #7 - Jane - I don't even show her. Another source shows a Jane Cantrell who married a Leonard Adcock, but her parents are Isaac and Mary. However, the parents would have only been 15 at the time of her birth and I don't really feel good about that. I have added her here to capture the information, but have added a note about the discrepancy.
      > Child #8 - James born about 1751. I have a James on the list with a birth of 18 Aug 1751 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania. Death as 17 Oct 1825 in Buck Creek, Spartantburg, SC. No documentation.
      > Child #9 - Brittain - about the same - No documentation.
      > Child #10 - Susan - born 30 Nov 1753; died 1791 in , Alamance, North Carolina. No documentation.
      > Child #11 - Aaron - You have birth as abt 1755 - I have it as 1762 or 1763. No documentation.
      > Child #12 - John Miller - I don't think Miller was actually his name. He was a miller by trade and that is the name by which he was identified because there were so many other John Cantrells. Birth date 17 Aug 1757; death 17 Oct 1825 in Spartanburg, SC. Served in Revolutionary War from Salisbury District, NC. His wife Elizabeth Cantrell was his cousin. A transcipt of his will is widely available on the internet. I do not have an actual copy. The marriage is listed in the US & International Marriage Records, but I do not have an original copy.
      > Child #13 - Thomas - Same - No documentation.
      > Child #14 - Reuben - I have birth in NC; death 1808 in SC. No documentation.
      > Child #15 - Edward - Same - No documentation.
      > Child #16 - Joshua - You have birth prior to 1778 - I show birth as 1752 or 1754. No documentation.
      > In addition, I have 3 more children - no documentation on any of them:
      > Simon born 1758 or 1763?
      > Peter born 1759 or 1763?
      > Moses born 1765 Rockingham, NC - died 1850, Garrets Ferry, Cantrell Island, Alabama, USA
      > One of the problems with the lists of children is that the families were so close that it is hard to tell if these are all children, or if some are nieces or nephews or cousins. So confusing!
      > Again, I am mostly interested in any kind of documents that verify or disprove whatever info is here.
      > Thanks,
      > Rosemary
      > _,_._,___
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