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Re: [CandlewickCollector] Any Ideas?

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  • Jackie Sears
    If you re in no hurry to sell it...and you re making an inventory of it anyway...have you considered emailing this list your inventory? I really don t know how
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2011
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      If you're in no hurry to sell it...and you're making an inventory of it anyway...have you considered emailing this list your inventory? I really don't know how many people are on this list..and I know you don't want...in general...to sell it a piece at a time. But...if you made it a private offering only to those on this list...and offered it at a per piece price...that might deal with a chunk of it for you. Then after the list has their chance, find a local place to sell it? Just a thought. I know this is not ideal, because shipping is involved, along with your time.
      If you live near Pasadena, then I think you might want to try taking a few pieces and see how it sells. Garage sales are not the answer...not if you want to get good prices.
      You might consider contacting another auction house and see if you get the same response. Maybe this person just didn't want to sell smalls...who knows.
      I wish you the best of luck with this..
      Jackie Sears
      San Antonio, Texas
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      From: MacyG
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      Subject: [CandlewickCollector] Any Ideas?


      Hello again,

      I re-did the inventory and I'm at 352 pieces. I'm sure I still missed a few though.

      I contacted an auction house to see if that would be better, but they told me Candlewick does poorly at auctions and to try ebay, which they assured me had a great market for it. I laughed so hard.

      I am considering a booth at an antique mall, but I was told they are a lot of work and require constant upkeep. I suppose I could try it a month and see how it goes. The pricing will be hard for me, since only my very first piece of candlewick and I think one other were ever purchased at an antique store. I'm going to have to do some serious research to get the pricing price to actually sell and not just gather dust. lol

      I'm not in a huge hurry to get rid of it though. It was really nice just taking it all out and looking at it. The thought of leaving it in boxes in some storage unit just bothers me so much. We probably won't be looking to buy another house for at least 7 years. Which means paying for 7 years of storage too, and heaven forbid something happen to it, stolen, fire, etc. I'm supposing it's covered under our home insurance though. Plus we could actually use the money to pay for this huge stack of medical bills, literally dozens of bills I'm staring at right now. :-(

      Someone has a lot of about 75 pieces listed for $800 on craigslist right now, I contacted them to see if they have had any luck with selling it.

      I'm just trying to figure out what would work best. I definitely don't want to sell it piecemeal on ebay, if possible, being that the post office is far away and packaging materials are expensive.

      Whatever I do, I most definitely need a better book than the one I have, which is a price book without pictures. Can someone please suggest to me (again) which books would be best for me, with as many pictures as possible? It will help me now and once I start over again too. I know along the way I've purchased lots of Boopie and knock-off's and I don't want to be in that position again. Although I think I've gotten much better at being able to get a good feel for what it is just by weight, paying close attention to the beads and craftsmanship.

      Anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? I know this forum is for collectors and not sellers, but I would greatly appreciate any expertise.

      What about like the Pasadena Flea Market? Do you think that would be worthwhile?

      Like obviously ebay and garage sales would be the cheapest place you could find Candlewick at a mere fraction of the price guide, but what are flea markets and antique booths at? I'm definitely not trying to make a full-time business out of it, but I would like to recover most of my costs at least, in the best possible way. Then I'd also like a white unicorn with a rainbow colored mane and tale to fly me through the clouds and around the world to see all the wonders there are to see. Maybe I'd have better luck with that wish. lol

      Hope you're all having a fabulous 4th of July.


    • bethmcneely@aol.com
      There have been several large collections come on the market in the last year. This drives the prices down. Add to that the economy and you have a tough
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        There have been several large collections come on the market in the last year.  This drives the prices down.  Add to that the economy and you have a tough decision to make.
        Yes, you can sell it easily enough if you are prepared to swallow hard and set bargain prices.  Period.
        People who can't afford EBay anymore will buy a piece they don't need need at a sale because they can't pass up the very low price!
        Things that are changing hands these days are doing it at reduced prices, you have to make it a "Can't pass up" price. This goes for houses, cars, boats, electronics...really everything is going cheap if it goes at all. Otherwise it sits.
        You can fuss all day about where to put it out (garage, booth, ebay etc). but if you aren't prepared to sell it at rock bottom price you will not succeed. 
        I (like others) am devastated by the value  of my property vs. what it was worth 3 years ago, and that includes my Candlewick collection.
        The reality is I can hang on to it or sell cheap.  That's it.
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