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Ashtray with Dome

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  • Virginia R. Scott
    Hello Group Members, In the June 16 digest, there was a very nice notice posted by Yahoo Candlewick Collector that I was having a birthday on June 17. I
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      Ashtray with Dome
      Hello Group Members,

       In the June 16  digest, there was a very nice notice posted by Yahoo
       Candlewick Collector that I was having a birthday on June 17.  I didn't know
      that Yahoo did that so it was a very nice surprise.  I  really appreciate all
      the e-mails and birthday cards that collectors sent me.  It is nice to find
       that collectors still think of me.  I'm sorry that I can't write each of you
       a personal note.  I really enjoy hearing from collectors.
               * * * * * *
      Here's a little input on a question tht was asked awhile back. Someone asked
      for information about an 6" ashtray with a dome.  That is a question that
      was often asked when I put out my Candlewick newsletters. I tried to look it
      up in my somewhat incomplete newsletter index.  The first mention I found of
      it was in NL#21, page 3. Pat Staley, IL, wrote that she bought a 6" ashtray
      with a dome lid like the covered toast from Shirley Roush of Florida.  I
      asked Shirley Roush to please send us information as to where she got it.  
      In NL #22, page 2, Shirley wrote, "The ashtray with the dome came from
      Ross's Barn at Bellaire, OH. The dome is 4" w and 3" high and has a knob
      like the covered toast. It fits into the ashtray."

      Through the years, other collectors reported and asked about an ashtray with
      a dome.  As far as I can remember,  we never found any Imperial information
      about it.  However, In Nl #92, page 2, I refer to an article that Kathy
      Burch, MI, wrote for Mary Wetzel's January 1996 Michiana Club Spyglass
      Newsletter: Kathy shows an Iillustration that she said Myrna Garrison gave
      her.   The paper shows 3 differant sizes of domes, 3 1/2" wide, 4" high;  
      4 1/2"w, 4 3/4" h; and 6"w, 5"h. The page has an Imperial w/wine glass logo at top
      left and "Old Central Quality" at bottom right.  Imperial purchased Central Glass
      Works in 1940. Draw your own conclusions as to whether Imperial combined them.

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