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Virginia Scott's Newsletters

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  • Virginia R. Scott
    To: CandlewickCollector@yahoogroups.com Subject: Virginia Scott s Candlewick Newsletters Hello Candlewick Group Members, This is Virginia. I have almost
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
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      Virginia Scott's Newsletters To: CandlewickCollector@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Virginia Scott's Candlewick Newsletters

      Hello Candlewick Group Members,  
         This is Virginia. I  have almost recovered from the operation I had on April 14 My
       Internet which has not been working since about the same time in April has been
        restored and  I am  back on line.  I have missed a large number of e-mails. I just
       read the group postings Sunday and saw the discussions by the group about my
       Candlewick newsletters. I really haven't had time to do much thinking about this topic yet.

        I do want to say a big thank  you to Kathy Ann for wanting to preserve my Candlewick newsletters for posterity. I appreciate her nice comments and thank her for considering
      taking on that job.  I also appreciate the nice comments several others of you made about
       about the newsletters and the discussion concerning  howand whether  it could done.  
       I was honored that so many remembered the newsletters and that some were still
        interested in my efforts for Candlewick. Actually the newsletter was a "do it yourself
      project" that started small and just grew and lasted for 29 years. I could never have done it
      without the help and "input" of hundreds of Candlewick collectors all over the country.
       Special thanks to Connie and Ron Doll for the eight years they so willingly and efficiently  
       did the work which kept the newsletter going.  Here are a few facts about the
      newsletters that answer some of the questions that were brought up by the discussions

      Kathy Doub , in 2003, copied all the newsletters through #119 and put them
       in The Imperial Musuem in Bellaire, OH.  I don't know if the other seven newsletters
       newsletters were ever added to Kathy's copies. Kathy also made a Newsletter Index
       which indicates where Candlewick items by number are mentioned in the various
       newsletters. This was a big undertaking on Kathy's part and I appreciate it so nuch.

      The newsletters were not copyrighted. I have no objection for Kathy Ann or anyone else
       who would like to copy or  "do something" with the newsletters to take on a project.
      The first newsletter was sent out in April, 1976.  It consisted of two 8 1/2
      by 14" pages which were later reduced to 8 1/2" by 11" size.  The number of
      pages gradually increased to 3 (1978); to 4 (1980); to 6 (1981; to 8 (1983);
        and finally to 10 pages per newsletter (1987 through 2004). For years, I
      sold back newsletters so there are many collectors who have whole or partial
      sets.  I have a few copies on hand for the last two or three years.

         The newlsetters are simply "chatty letters" written as though to good friends.
       (That is what  I always considered Candlewick collectors.  One collector told me that they
       were "  down-home" letters.)  In most newsletters, there are  personal references and    
       comments and quotes from collectors which really have little or nothing to do with
       Candlewick.  Many such things and the ad pages could be edited out.  
      There were 126 Newsletters,  put out from April 1976 through December 2004.
      They fill 4 large (1 to 1 1/2" thick)  notebooks.  I also have a full set of the "Master
      Copies" of the newsletters. This is the original ones I typed, cut and pasted and had copied
      to send out to collectors.  

           I am glad to be back to almost normal and back with the group.
            My best to each of you, Virginia

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