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NIGCS Convention Update

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  • Orville Burg, II
    My sucessful return was made from the convention in Ohio, and I am still estatic and euphoric. That is the best convention I have ever attended, bar none. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2000
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      My sucessful return was made from the convention in Ohio, and I am
      still estatic and euphoric. That is the best convention I have ever
      attended, bar none. The comradery, friendliness, openness and warmth
      as well as the sharing of information among all attendees was evident
      upon arrival. I was fortunate to find some of our group immediately
      upon arrival, and was "guided" and introduced by the gracious Mary
      Lee Wilson. The ability to view and/or purchase, in some instances,
      almost any piece of Candlewick was far beyond expectation.

      I am sorry that more of this group were not able to attend and
      perhaps next year we can expand the attendance. I did have the
      pleasure of meeting and carousing with Mary Lee and Mike Wilson,
      Dottie and Vinnie Cefalu, Marie and Ed Simonson, and Kim and Brian
      Punke. A picture http://www.rubyglass.com/NIGCS/Our-gang.jpg was made
      following the banquet and includes from left to right: Dottie,
      Vinnie, Ed, Marie, Mary Lee and myself.
      In a more casual setting after the one of the seminars is
      http://www.rubyglass.com/NIGCS/Punke&Wilson.jpg a picture of Brian,
      Kim and Dylan Punke, Mary Lee and Mike Wilson.

      Virginia, I would like to thank you for your contribution of your
      books which were raffled off at the banquet. I was very fortunate to
      be the lucky winner of one of your autographed copies. I wish you had
      been able to attend so we could have had the opportunity to meet you
      in person. I am glad your eye surgery had positive results and hope
      you continue to improve.

      The following are links to some of the pictures I took at the

      Picture of One of the Candlewick display tables

      More Table Candlewick (Vienesse Blue)

      More Candlewick (etched, cut and perfumes)

      Silver Overlay Candlewick

      Mary Lee's 3400 Ruby and colors on display

      My 3800 Ruby stems on display

      More Ruby on display

      Typical Dealers Booth

      Another Fellow Texan, Myrna Garrison, who was the speaker at the

      The NIGCS has formed study groups in a lot of areas and these groups
      are a wonderful source of information exchange and assistance in
      Candlewick collecting. The NIGCS has a web page which can be reached
      at http://www.Imperialglass.org/

      I am grateful that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this
      convention and hope to see more "red dots" that were on our badges to
      help identify this group members next year.

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