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Saturday July 5-2014 Tornadic Supercells!

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Jul 5, 2014

The Largest Documented Hailstone in Canada August 27 1973

On this day in Saskatchewan history 40 years ago the largest documented hailstone in Canada fell north of Weyburn near Cedoux. It was 290 grams in weight with
Lenard Vatamaniuk
Aug 27, 2013

Site Restored

Sorry for the interruption but I got the site back on and my account restored, not sure what happened exactly: http://canadianprairiestorms.blogspot.ca/
Jul 22, 2013

New Facebook Page/Blogger Site Down/News Article

I have created a new Facebook page for Canadian Prairie Storms today as the Blogger site has crashed and/or been hacked and is currently unavailable. This
Jul 22, 2013


Seems Yahoo! had some issues with loggins and they have been fixed so here is quick update for now and I will try to clean up this group in time for storm
Mar 10, 2013

Blue Sky Bust or Tornado Touchdowns?

As several teams of storm chaser converge on highway #16 between Dafoe and Wynyard, the risk of damaging tornadoes continues with little or no word from TWN or
Jul 18, 2012

Re: Death Ridge from Hell Again !!!

I agree it is a ridge from hell... but then, all ridges are when they are large, slow-moving and amplified. However, I'm not quite as pessimistic because there
Ed Verkaik
Jul 8, 2012

Death Ridge from Hell Again !!!

GFS and Nam models are suggesting the likelihood of a heat wave next week across the prairies, effectively shutting off the 'tap' for our severe Wx or
Lenard Vatamaniuk
Jul 8, 2012

uh oh

Forget everything that has happened thus far. There will be a super outbreak starting this coming Tuesday Alberta to Saskatchewan, climaxing on Friday in
Jul 6, 2012

Re: EC: Weather Warning Index

Hi Michael: It is an indicator that EC is starting to use to measure the effectiveness of their severe weather forecasting (meaning sufficient warning time was
Bill Welch
Jun 30, 2012

EC: Weather Warning Index

Can anyone explain to me what this is? Michael http://www.ec.gc.ca/indicateurs-indicators/default.asp?lang=en&n=81552A43-1
Jun 29, 2012

Re: June 26th chase potential...southern SK:Cyclone II

Looks quite promising tomorrow. Best upper level dynamics will be situated over extreme south central Sk in the Assiniboia region with the best sfc thermal
Lenard Vatamaniuk
Jun 25, 2012

Re: June 26th chase potential...southern SK

Just giving credit where credit is due. Thanks for the email Matt I'm in Yellow Grass now and am not sure how long I'm going to kick around. I MIGHT be gone
Rogan Hennie
Jun 24, 2012

June 26th chase potential...southern SK

I've been watching Tuesday's setup closely for several days and it's now to the point that I wish my vacation began early this week instead of later.  For
Matt Ziebell
Jun 24, 2012

Fri June 15 - funnels/tornadoes in western SK

Well, that was quite the weather day up in west-central SK! Lots of funnels and several tornadoes according to news reports (e.g. see CTV news website for good
Jun 16, 2012
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