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Luther, Hitler and Bush have or are using Christanity...

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  • aper_el_grand_vizier
    Christianity shown for what it is...this goes for all religions. The unHoly bible is riddled with distorted history and monsterous lies.
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      Christianity shown for what it is...this goes for all religions. The
      unHoly bible is riddled with distorted history and monsterous lies.
      ....................The above comment is mine..................
      The following article below is taken from another site called:

      History Revisited

      By Michael Roll

      In 1936 George Orwell, the renowned author of the book "1984" said to
      his fellow writer, and chronicler of the Spanish Civil War, Arthur

      "I know it is the fashion to say that most of recorded history is lies
      anyway, but what is peculiar to our own age is the abandonment of the
      idea that history could be truthfully written."

      It must have been about this date that Arthur Findlay set about the
      task of writing the true history of mankind from 3,500 BCE to the end
      of the Second World War, which he appropriately called
      The Curse of Ignorance. This history is written without allegiance to
      any country or religion and should be in every educational
      establishment in the world.

      We Have not Been Told the Truth

      The greatest historical lie of all has now been laid bare, our Western
      civilisation is not thanks to Christianity, the very opposite is
      true, our civilisation is in spite of Christianity. This fact was
      made very clear when the BBC showed the thirteen part television
      series "Cosmos" in the early 1980's.

      This was written and presented by the American astronomer Carl Sagan.
      This series was seen by millions of people throughout the world. Many
      were astounded to find that they had been deliberately deceived by
      their history teachers: that the truth is completely opposite to what
      they had been taught from birth. Carl Sagan told the shocking but
      true story of how in the year CE 415, a Christian mob, acting on the
      orders of Archbishop Cyril, murdered Hypatia, the female principal of
      the great library in Alexandria. This remarkable woman was a
      mathematician, astronomer, physicist and a philosopher. On her way to
      work she was dragged from her chariot and the mob, armed with abalone
      shells, flayed the flesh from her bones. Her library, along with its
      priceless manuscripts, was burnt to the ground. Cyril was made a
      saint! Unfortunately this was not an isolated incident but one small
      part of a carefully organised plan to eliminate paganism from the
      Roman Empire.

      If we look up the history of education in the Encyclopedia Britannica
      it reads rather like a Western movie: the good guys (Christians)
      slowly but surely overcoming the bad guys (pagans). The same
      encyclopedia gives the definition of pagans as "unenlightened, idol
      worshipping, raw rustic heathens". Hypatia, along with all the
      brilliant Greek and Roman scientists, philosophers, engineers,
      architects and educationalists are always described as pagans in all
      our history books that are written by Christians.

      An Explanation of the Universe

      This includes Thales, the founder of geometry, astronomy and
      philosophy, the first to attempt an explanation of the universe apart
      from theology (religious mythology), and Pythagoras who was the
      father of mathematics and the first to say the world was round. This
      round earth theory was actually proved by Eratosthenes, he even
      measured its circumference in the 3rd century BCE. Hippocrates, the
      first person we would call by the name doctor, he approached the cure
      of disease in a truly scientific manner. He discarded the idea that
      illness was a punishment for sin or caused by devils. By the 3rd
      century BCE anatomy had revealed something of the internal workings of
      the human body. However, the Christian belief in the resurrection of
      the physical body brought investigation to an end until the 17th
      century. In the 4th century CE Pergamon and all the other Greek and
      Roman hospitals and sanatoria were destroyed by Christian fanatics,
      their doctors being massacred or exiled.

      The Plagiarism of Copernicus

      Aristarchus in the 3rd century BCE said that the Earth was not the
      centre of the universe, but revolved round the sun. The Roman
      Catholic priest Copernicus discovered this man's work in the 16th
      century and claimed it for his own. The reason why these ancient
      achievements have been censored is because our Christian masters do
      not want us to find out that anything important happened before the
      birth of their baby god!

      Theodoras invented the key, ruler, carpenter's square, level, lathe
      and bronze casting. Carl Sagan asks, "Why are there no statues to
      this man?" Maybe it's because he did not kill anybody! Epicurus and
      Zeno, 3rd century BCE, two most illustrious moral philosophers,
      emphasised the need of improved ethical conduct and taught that only
      through right living could happiness be obtained. Anaximander 6th
      century BCE, the father of modern physics, also anticipated Darwin
      and Alfred Russel Wallace. He was followed by Anaxogaras who said
      that the moon was a place like the Earth and not a god.

      The Discovery That Reality Also Exists in the Invisible

      Empedocles discovered that reality also existed in the invisible part
      of the universe - beyond our five physical senses. Democritus
      propounded the theory that matter is composed of invisible stuff
      called atoms. He thought religions were divisive and evil.
      Archimedes' inventions led to practical scientific discoveries.
      Euclid taught people to think, calculate and reason. Ictinus was the
      great architect of the Parthenon. Socrates (470-399 BCE), this
      outstanding philosopher taught the unity of mankind and survival after
      death without any connection with priestcraft. Just before the priests
      forced him to take poison his friends asked him where he wanted to be
      buried, to which he answered, "Catch me if you can." Plato, who was
      taught by Socrates, passed on his great wisdom and codes of conduct
      to Aristotle, whom many declare to be the greatest early scientist of
      them all.

      Quintillian (CE 35-96), a Roman citizen who led the known world in
      education on the lines laid down by Plato. He was the equivalent of
      our Secretary of State for Education, a government office that was
      not created until 1868 in Christian Britain. All the education bills
      had been kicked out by the House of Lords that had power over the
      elected House of Commons. This outstanding of all Roman schoolmasters
      loved liberty, justice and mercy besides abhorring all forms of
      cruelty and oppression. To him ethics took the place of religion as
      the only safe guide in correct conduct.

      The World Plunged into the Christian Dark Ages

      This then is the "pagan" civilisation that was destroyed by
      Christendom after the Council of Nicaea in CE 325. It was here at
      Nicaea that an all-embracing (Catholic) religion was formulated and
      adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Jesus, an
      unhistorical Jewish teacher, was officially made into the god called
      Christ (the anointed one). The 17th saviour-god known to historians
      and the second person in a trinity of gods.

      Arthur Findlay says, "To confuse Jesus with Christ the saviour-god is
      a gross historical blunder." All who did not conform to these
      supernatural doctrines and dogmas were murdered or exiled. The known
      world was plunged into the Christian Dark Ages, not to really emerge
      again until the invention of printing which coincided with the fall
      of Constantinople in 1453. Unlike the Christians, the Muslims had not
      destroyed their records of the Greek and Roman civilisations. >From
      this date the human race has slowly but surely freed itself from the
      curse of priestcraft and ignorance. Even though the Holy Inquisitors
      of the Faith tried with all their might, these Christian fanatics
      could not murder fast enough to keep up with the printing presses.
      The smell of printers' ink was indeed the incense of the Renaissance.

      The Council of Nicaea CE 325

      CE 325 is arguably the most important date in the history of mankind
      because the decisions that were taken then by appallingly ignorant
      priests shaped the future of humankind for the next sixteen hundred
      years. Yet only a handful of academics are aware of this fact. It is
      not difficult to understand why Christian teachers and historians
      avoid this date like the plague. Before the Council of Nicaea
      historians estimate that there were over 150 different Christian
      sects all insisting that their own particular tenets were the correct
      ones. These fanatics were ripping the Roman Empire apart. We can now
      understand why the Roman Emperor Constantine the "Great" called this
      Council to formulate a Catholic (all-embracing) religion that
      everybody must adhere to or face death. Constantine was a cold-blooded
      murderer, he not only killed his wife, his son and his nephew but was
      responsible for ordering the death of thousands more. This Christian
      hero was great all right, a great killer. To check these facts look
      up Nicene Creed.

      Christians Were Responsible for the Nazi Holocaust

      The Martin Luther celebrations in 1997 highlighted some very
      uncomfortable facts that we are never taught at school. In 1524
      during the Peasants' Revolt, in tones indistinguishable from
      Hitler's, Luther, the man who started the Protestant movement,
      incited the ruling princes to massacre the

      "A Prince can best obtain merit by shedding blood." He stated, "One
      must dash these people in pieces, slaughter them, stick them like
      pigs both in public and in private, whenever one gets the chance."

      The resulting carnage left more than 100,000 dead. In 1543 Luther
      advised that the synagogues should be set on fire and Jewish homes
      likewise destroyed. Now we can understand why the Bishop of
      Birmingham, Dr. Hugh Montefiore, said that the Nazi Holocaust could
      never have taken place had it not been for the theological thinking
      of Christendom about Jews, and their ostracism by the Christians of
      Europe. I know it sounds daft now but the Christians blamed the Jews
      for murdering their god. Look up deicide in the dictionary: killing
      of a god! At his trial in 1946 the Nazi Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher,
      actually claimed that Luther ought to be in the dock. The Germans and
      Austrians are the same as most Irish people, they actually believe in
      priestcraft. Therefore it was very easy for Hitler to whip up hatred
      against the Jews.

      Keeping the Old-Boy Network Intact

      It is at this point that what seems to be ordinary priestly
      suppressions things suddenly take on a more sinister complexion and
      turn into an establishment conspiracy of awesome proportions. No
      doubt many readers are wondering why our country's academics have not
      seen these simple historical distortions. The sad answer is that
      every academic in this field of research knows we have been fed a
      pack of lies, and therefore they are just as guilty as the priests in
      censoring uncomfortable facts that belong to the people.

      For example, the headmaster of my grammar school had a first class
      honours degree in classics from Cambridge University. He made sure he
      told us nothing about the Greek and Roman scientists, philosophers and
      educationalists, just some nonsense about a virgin giving birth to the
      creator of the universe two thousand years ago, and that this god is
      going to forgive the sins of everybody who believes in him!

      Thankfully not all our teachers are selfish bigots, there are many
      good people who care more about the future of humankind on this
      planet then merely preserving their jobs and reputations. A few are
      no longer prepared to live a lie and have decided to tell the truth.

      Please help to make Great Britain a democracy - disestablish the
      Church, make the House of Lords an elected chamber, and do away with
      the Religious Affairs Departments in our schools, in television,
      radio and the press. The BBC for example takes about £10 million
      from our licence fee for religious propaganda. Try and name as many
      people as you can who have not ruthlessly used the Judaic-Christian
      ladder to get all the top positions. You will not find many in
      politics, among head teachers, owners of the press, television and
      radio stations, in the judiciary, armed forces and especially in the
      unelected House of Lords.


      Sagan, Carl. "Cosmos".
      First published in Great Britain in 1981 by Macdonald & Co. The soft
      back Futura edition ISBN 0 7088 19996 6

      Findlay, Arthur.
      The Curse of Ignorance" 1947.
      Available from The Arthur Findlay College. Tel. 01279 817050.
      The series ISBN 0 947823 32 8.
      Volume 1: ISBN 0 947823 33 6.
      Volume 2: ISBN 0 947823 34 4.

      Findlay says if you must have this big daddy god figure to worship,
      why not have a whole stack of gods like the Greeks and Romans? "It's
      the one-god religions that are easily the greatest disaster ever to
      be inflicted on the human race."

      Vidal, Gore
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