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In Exile

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  • Swamiji
    In Facebook Swami Manavatavadi wrote to Shelley MoMelly: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1666777876 Noble Mrs. Shelley, Humblest Greetings. Would you
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2011
      In Facebook Swami Manavatavadi wrote to Shelley MoMelly:


      Noble Mrs. Shelley,
      Humblest Greetings.

      Would you please write about your health?

      I am in Exile since January 25, 2011 to avoid a plotting to arrest me and kill me in the custody by the Brahmins, the state/police and a Hindu hardliner reformist cult Arya Samaj. The Chief Minister of Haryana State (my town Kurukshetra is in this state) also of this cult.

      Expecting you in good health and high spirits I remain awaiting to listen from you.

      February 26 at 2:39pm
      Shelley MoMelly wrote:
      your situation sounds desperate my friend. i hope you move somewhere where they don't know you and won't arrest you. what are you wanted for anyway? why would they want to kill a humble teacher of children?
      February 26 at 11:17pm
      Swami Manavatavadi wrote:

      Noble Shelley,
      Humblest Greetings.

      Many thanks for your kindest response.

      Humbleness and services keep no meaning to the religious fanatics. I live in a triply religious town Kurukshetra holy for Hindus, Sikhs and a hardliner Hindu Reformist Groups ARYA SAMAJ CULT. As a nonbelieving freethinker I am declared unqualified to live in this town and give secular education to children. The Politicians belonging to these religious denominations as pickpockets in the Indian trains always try to search one or other locunas so that they can eliminate us by arresting and killing me and by officially declaring that I have suicided because of insult becaue once the Haryana State Governor House has declared me as: "Swami Manavatavadi is an Internationally Reputed Person".

      They want me either I should suicide or they would kill me and declare it as a suicide.

      Sunday at 8:21pm
      Shelley MoMelly wrote:

      i now you did a LOT of traveling when you were a kid. why don't you just leave and go someplace where they are more tolerant friend swami ji?
      Monday at 1:48am
      Swami Manavatavadi wrote:

      Noble Shelley,
      Humblest Greetings.

      So kind of you for your kindest suggestion. You are very right. I should leave this religious town and chose to live where the civilized world ends and where the people or the inhabitants have not got educated with dominion, competition, jealousy, possessiveness, cruelty, insanity and so on. I must need to search a place where such civilized people don't live.

      To my mind tolerance is a very personal character. It may not be a character of folks or communities or of any mass. Only the amount and . intensity of tolerance may vary. Ofcourse the religious people especially the clergies and religious teachers are most of the times unreasonable, cruel, insane and intolerant in character. Religions are spread everywehere and the clerrics are always respectable persons among the followers.

      Ruling and religions are allies in most part of the word where the people dwell.

      Still I should search a place and probably I am doing that. I don't know If I can be successful or would remain a fool always in this wise people's world.

      Monday at 6:48pm
      Shelley MoMelly wrote:

      the thought that hindu's are vegitarians because they will not kill has always made me think of hindus as a gentle people. my husband for instance will not even kill a bug unless i ask him to GET THAT COCK ROACH! i scream and cry when they are in the room so he kills them for me but he hates doing it. so this story you are telling me about religious leadership wanting to kill you is very incongruous with all i've ever learned about hinduism. i'm very bothered by your story and i hope you leave this demon filled place you are in and find truly spiritual and loving people elsewhere who desire for their children to speak english because your english is very good.
      Yesterday at 12:45am
      Swami Manavatavadi wrote:

      Noble Shelley,
      Humblest Greetings.

      Many thanks for your kindest comments and expectations.

      You are very true that Indian thought process tempt people to remain kind for all even to insects. But Hindu as a new religion which evolved in the 8th century AD began with cruelty and oppressing branches of thoughts and practices like Buddhists and Jainas making it more priestly and Brahminical. The common mass is still tolerant and kind but the priestly people have the extra ordinary rousing capabilities by declaring any person or group as demoniacal in the terms of RAVANA of epic RAMAYANA and KAMSA of epic MAHABHARATA and convincing people that killing of these demons RAVANA and KAMSA are good, ethical and spiritually rich works.

      My time is over now with this computer shop and I may come tomorrow . May kindly send all these messages on my wall so that all other friends there can see your kind comments and my replies.

      Expecting you and your kind partner in good health and high spirits I remain.

      22 hours ago
      Shelley MoMelly wrote;

      i hope you find your way sweet swamiji.
      18 hours ago
      Swami Manavatavadi wrote:

      Many thanks to you Noble Shelley for your morale supporting message. Let us hope the best. But only the Religious Leaders and the Political leaders in collusion know what they want to do and what result they want to produce. Their god/s are also omnipotent and can do everything possible.

      While travelling in Indian Railway trains every body remains aware that there may be pickpockets near by and they may steal your money. Despite of all awareness of the passengers some people lose their pockets and at last the pickpockets win the bet.

      The criminals are always organized and clever to make their criminal plan get done. Their every failure train them to be more cautious and tactful in the next trial and after all the criminal wins the bet.

      Socrates is to die may bravely or with scare or cowardice. Let us see what comes out. Our well wishers strongly insist my stay out from our hut.

      It is a good game of hide and seek between the hound and the rabbit. I don't know how long the rabbit would survive from being hunted by the hungry fierce hound. Let us wait and observe. May your wishes come true. Many thanks to you.
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