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Science and the Imperialist Catholic Church of Rome

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  • Ernie Schreiber
    As published in the OnLine version of Der Spiegel on Oct. 31st, 2008 http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,587655,00.html The Bavarian Josy Ratzinger, alias
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
      As published in the OnLine version of "Der Spiegel" on Oct. 31st, 2008


      The Bavarian Josy Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict XVI, approved a new
      psychological test, to be carried out by professional psychologists, for
      priest prior to ordination. That way, pedophiles or other men with other
      psychological defects such as homosexual tendencies that could endanger the
      faithful will be weeded out before they are officially accepted into the

      Great. I thought that God would intervene in such cases? Why resort to the
      often ridiculed secular sciences? In the article, whenever "psychologists"
      are mentioned, it is always stated that "they could help" which means, they
      don't decide. Obviously, only "His Holiness" can do that. After all, He is
      not supposed to err in church matters, ever.

      Should the question not rather be: "why are Catholic clergy forced into an
      un-natural situation where they must suppress any sexual desires which are,
      after all, normal functions of human beings? Why does the Vatican insist on
      this un-natural behaviour which can only lead to problems and abnormal (or
      un-human) traits? Why is there also, in general, the association of sex
      with something dirty and evil, a "sin of the flesh"? Sex, according to
      their teachings, is not to be enjoyed but executed as a burdensome duty in
      order to maintain our species. Now, isn't that perverse right from the
      start? I recall the story of an elderly lady going to confession and, when
      the priest asked her if she had sinned, she answered, "at my age one doesn't
      sin anymore!" How imbued is that idea about "dirty, evil sex" in the
      general population of the faithful?

      That whole thing, of course, is biting its own masters. For years the
      Catholic church complained of a critical shortage of priests. Isn't that
      ironic; there will be even less priests now. Perhaps humankind, with the
      help of God, can get rid of that caste once and for all...

      H. E. (Ernie) Schreiber
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