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Fw: [SPAM?] Re: [Humanist-Discussion] 'Population explosion' (was 'Outspoken talk show host....')

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  • H.Klaus
    Talking about world population explosion ... Horst Klaus ... From: H.Klaus To: Humanist-Discussion@yahoogroups.com Cc: Buddy Owens Sent: Tuesday, July 01,
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      Talking about "world population explosion"...

      Horst Klaus
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      From: H.Klaus
      To: Humanist-Discussion@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Buddy Owens
      Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:24 PM
      Subject: Re: [SPAM?] Re: [Humanist-Discussion] 'Population explosion' (was 'Outspoken talk show host....')

      Unfortunately, it is happening predominantly in the developing and already very poor countries, in Africa, the Philippines and some Asian countries. Wherever religion and tradition dominates family life, 'be fruitful and multiplies' applies. On the other hand, most European countries have a very low birth rate, I believe in Germany and the U.K. for example, only immigration causes any population increase at all. Population explosion in those countries which can afford it at least, leaves no choice for the developed nations other than to donate more all the time.
      But is not the only problem, the massive amounts of funding wasted on armament by the Pentagon and White House could easily be cut in half to built Water supply systems, solar generators, wind generators, schools and hospitals for the developing world instead of missiles, aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons, sophisticated bombers and the cost of occupying and attacking other countries.
      Reminds me at WW II in Germany, industries where lamps and electrical appliances were built before the war, in a matter of months their production was converted to military equipment. I remember my mother was at an age where she had no choice but to accept work in a factory where the first "Panzer Faust", (Bazooka) was developed. If a change from civilian requirements can be accomplished so fast, it could be done the other way around AND the defense industry would not have to lay off anybody. By the way - the US has a larger defense budget than all the other Nato members have together - all that to blow a few thousand Al Qaeda and poorly equipped Taliban to smithereens and destroy countries half way around the world. Oh - I forgot the 'weapons of mass destruction' being built in Iran...

      Horst Klaus

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