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4828Invitation for. "Celebrating the Dedication for Children"

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  • swamijji
    Feb 18, 2014





      Rajghat, KURUKSHETRA-136118, Haryana, INDIA

      Tel/FAX: +91-(0)1744-291278/291378

      Originator/Director: SWAMI MANAVATAVADI

      Listserve: MANAVATAVADI-GROUP-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

      E-mail: manavatavadi@...,  manavatavadi@...,

      sadhviji@..., manavata@...

      Web: www.iheu.org/node/1439, www.iheu.org/node/2557


      Noble All,                                                                                        February 15, 2014

      Humblest Greetings=Namaskar,


      We with mixed feelings to inform you that despite of every type of unbearable odds with us here, we have decided to arrange our Traditional Annual Function 'CELEBRATING the DEDICATION TO CHILDREN' on Sunday, March 09, 2014 . It is also our sorrow that Swami Dayanand Puri of Kaithal, a Non-Absolutist Transitionist who had been an ardent supporter of our Children’s Proramme Expired in the Metro Hospital in Faridabad (Delhi) on February 12, 2014 after his brain stroke on February 05, 2014 . Everyone is Cordially Invited to participate in the Tributary Condolence to Swami Dayanand Puriji and also share with the Celebration of our 112 previous street children and All our Sympathizers and Associates.


      Professor Mark Lindley, the Gandhian Scholar of Harvard University, USA has consented to Preside the function. Swami Manavatavadi shall talk on the Thoughts, Works, Non-Absolutism  and Nonviolent Transition of the social phenomena from Superstitious states of mind to self-reliant and Enlightened Co-Existence of the humanity, also on 'The Contemporary Problems Related to Children with the Parents and Society and Problems with the Children'. Written Questions would be gladly attended.


      09-00 to 10-00 A.M. De-Addiction & SMART Recovery Camp

      09-00 A.M.       Continuous Video Display of Swami Dayanand Puri’s Lectures

      09-45 to 10-00 A.M.         Silence & Flower Tributes to Swami Dayanand Puri

      10-00 to 11-00 A.M.         Swami Manavatavadi’s Talk on Swami Dayanand Puri and Children with Coverage Through Children's Expression

      11-00 to 11-15 A.M.   Gifts Presentation to our Kids through the Guests

      11-15 to 11-30 A.M.   Question Answer Session

      11-30 to 12-00 Noon   Guests' Views & Presidential Remark

      12-00 till it lasts   Community Eating


      Outstation visitors/participants/sympathizers/viewers who want to come some days earlier are humbly requested to inform us earlier so that we can make arrangements for their stay. Our humble Hospitality would include Country style Dormitory Accommodation for all who would need it, Country Style Breakfast with tea, Lunch and Dinner till they would want to stay.


      Kindly inform us as soon as possible at: manavatavadi@...,, sadhviji@..., Cells: +91-94-164-10810, +91-94-164-44540 and oblige.



      Deviji (Sadhvi Asha Manav)

      In-Charge, Kids’ Kingdom Un-Orphanage